What To Expect


We understand that visiting a new church can be a little nerve wracking so we wanted to help you know what to expect when you arrive.

How to Dress

You should dress in whatever appearal you find comfortable to worship God in. We have members that wear suits and ties, others that wear blue jeans and t-shirts and everything else in between. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome.

Music Style

Woodland Baptist Praise team leans toward contemporary style with upbeat praise choruses, hymns, with a little Southern Gospel thrown in on occassion as well.

What Translation of the Bible Is Preached From

Generally, Pastor Josh preaches from the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation, but often cites other translations as well as the original Greek and Hebrew in which the Bible was written. You are welcome to bring whatever translation you feel comfortable using. 

What's Expected of You

If it is your first time visiting us we would ask that you recieve one of our free gifts during the fellowship time of the service and fill out a card and put it in the offering plate so that we can get to know you better. That's all, just come on and join us in praising the Lord and getting into God's Word.